How can you make cleaners yourself?

We all need to clean our homes at one point or another. Buying commercial based cleaners can not only be harmful for you, your family and your pets but also are heavy on your pocket. When house cleaning If you have the idea of creating your own cleaners then it can not be light on your pocket but also be eco friendly and not harmful for your kids or pets. House Cleaning Lake City have some cleaners ideas that you can use to clean your home and also different surfaces in the home during the house cleaning. 
1. All purpose cleaning: 
When house cleaning, If you have a cleaner that can be used for cleaning different things in the home. It can turn out to be very helpful for you as you will only require one cleaning spray to clean multiple things in the home. The recipe for an all purpose cleaning is as always. Take about a cup of vinegar add in about a cup of water to it, then add in lemon rind and rosemary sprig to it. Mix all the ingredients well and fill in a spray bottle and leave it for about a week before using it to clean. You can spray this mixture on hard water stains, trash cans, water smudges and much more. It is ideal for removing stubborn stains. 
2. Glass cleaner:
When house cleaning another cleaner that comes in handy is the glass cleaner, this solution can give you great results as a glass cleaner, the ingredients you will require to make a glass cleaner are as follows; about two cups of water add about half a cup of vinegar to it and then add in about ¼ th of a cup of rubbing alcohol, if you want to make a scented cleaner then add in a few drops of your favorite essential oils. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients and fill in a spray bottle then whenever you need to clean spray this solution on to a paper towel and wipe clean the mirror or the windows.
3. Brass cleaner:
When house cleaning to clean all your brass pots and decoration stuff all you need to do is take a lemon juice or white vinegar and salt. All you need to do is dampen the paper towel with white vinegar add in salt over it and gently in a circular motion wipe clean your brass pot or pan when scrubbed  wash it clean with plain water.
4. Metal cleaner:
During house cleaning when it comes to cleaning metal pots and pans the easiest and less time taking trick in the book is to pour generous amounts to ketchup over the metal pan and let it sit for a while after that scrub it in a circular motion. And wash it as normal you will have a clean shiny looking pot.   
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