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We often postpone to clean our toilet but it’s essential to keep your toilet clean during the house cleaning process. If you have got a dirty toilet in your house, it will not only look bad but also it will smell bad as well as build up germs in it. Here are some of the hacks by House Cleaning Kenmore which you can use to keep your toilets clean. 
1. Grab your tools 
During the house cleaning process if you are having weird thoughts regarding cleaning your bathroom then you need to keep everything ready before you start the toilet cleaning process as soon as possible. The first thing which you need to do during the house cleaning process is to grab the rubber gloves and also get a toilet brush, sanitary wipes and old toothbrush, cleaning rags or paper towels. 
 – Sanitation tip: During the house cleaning process you need to keep the pair of gloves solely for the toilet cleaning. You should purchase the toilet cleaning gloves in different color so that you don’t mix them with other gloves. 
– Also you need to have an all purpose cleaning solution along with you. You can easily find it in your nearest grocery store but you can also save your cash by using the items that are already in your pantry. ( 1 tbsp of dish soap and 6 litre of water) 
2. Scrub the bowl 
During the house cleaning process you need to clean different parts of the toilet in any order which suits you but if you are in hurry then you can use the smartest method. You should use a toilet brush to scrub away the dirt and grime that has been stuck inside the toilet bowl. If you need to add cleaning power to it then you can add toilet cleaner in the water and then dip the brush in it. 
3. Clean the lid
During the house cleaning process once you are done with cleaning the bowl move on to the next main point of your toilet that is the bottom lids. In this cleaning process you need to use an all purpose cleaner and paper towels to give the lid a thorough cleaning on both of the sides. You can even use an old toothbrush to scrub the hard to reach spots or areas where you can’t reach easily.
4. Give the body of the toilet a quick wipe-down
During the house cleaning process, in the end you need to give your toilet bowl a squeaky-clean shine. All you need to do is use a spray bottle and spritz the all purpose cleaning solution on the toilet and use a rag or paper towe to wipe down the toilet porcelain as well as pay attention to the handle. Like this you can clean all of the toilet easily. 
If you are not free due to office work and you are unable to clean your bathroom properly call your local house cleaning Kenmore experts to get best cleaning solutions.

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