House Cleaning Lake City – How to clean water dispenser properly?

The water cooler dispenser is a handy device that can be used for steady supply of water, you can easily find it in the residential and commercial places during the house cleaning process. Most of the times you need to do a little repair and maintenance of your water dispenser in order to clean your water and for that House Cleaning Lake City has got few water dispenser cleaning tips which you need to follow during the house cleaning process. 
Step 1: Dismantle the water cooler dispenser 
During the house cleaning process the first thing you need to do is prepare yourself by wearing plastic gloves in your hands and then unplug the water dispenser. If your water dispenser has not got much weight then you should take it out of your room or kitchen otherwise just keep it inside. Then you need to focus on the various parts of the water cooler and the screws in order to remove them. Just remove all of the panels and then set aside the screws. Suppose you remove the tray aside and the water that has been collected in the water dispenser just remove it. 
Step 2: Basic Cleaning
During the house cleaning process you need to use a light pressure hose to wet the dispenser. Make sure that you spray it on all sides of the water dispenser and then use dish soap to clean the surface of the water dispenser. After that examine the body of the water dispenser that if it’s clean or not. 
Step 3: Use bleach 
During the house cleaning process you need to take a plastic bucket and add 1 gallon of water as well as 2 tablespoons of bleach in it. Mix all of the solutions properly and then use it on the stained areas of your water dispenser. Make sure that you let it sit for a few  minutes so that it’s removed completely. Use a wet sponge to scrub it and repeatedly rinse the dispenser with tap water. 
Step 4: Clean with vinegar 
During the house cleaning process if you want to do vinegar based cleaning the first thing you need to do is dry the dispenser for 24 hours and then use a vinegar solution for this cleaning process. Then prepare a solution that contains vinegar and water in equal parts. Then you should spray the solution on the internal parts of the water dispenser and fill the water tank with the dispenser with the solution. Open the tap that makes the vinegar solution to pass through the internal component. Wait a few minutes and rinse the vinegar covered spots. 
Step 5: Reassemble 
During the house cleaning process once you are done with the cleaning process of your water dispenser just start arranging all parts of the water dispenser in order and put them all together. Make sure that your open the spout of the dispenser and allow the water to be drained away for almost an hour to remove vinegar
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