House Cleaning Lake Forest | Keep Your Running Shoes Last Longer

It’s important to replace your old shoes when you run at least 400 miles but getting new shoes after every few months can be very expensive. During the house cleaning process, It’s better that you start taking care of your existing shoes so that they can last longer.
Here are few tips by house cleaning lake forest which you can use to keep your running shoes last longer after house cleaning.

Take your shoes on and off properly:

When you are in hurry, it’s tempting to take off and on your shoes without even undoing the laces. When house cleaning, if you shove your foot in the shoe it bends the heel collar and the lacing system as well as the uppers get all of the pressure which is a direct attack on the glue that is holding almost everything together. It’s better that you loosen the laces of your shoes before you put your shoes on and when you take them off.

Dry your wet running shoes properly:

During the house cleaning process, you need to make sure that if you have got wet shoes you are not supposed to directly put them in the heat as it acts like a radiator. The heat dries the leather of your shoes and it might damage it as well. If you want to dry your shoes you need to loosen the laces and leave them to get dry in the air away from the heat. So, when house cleaning, If you want to get them dry at faster rate them put some old newspapers in them as it will draw out the moisture and allow your shoes to get dry much faster

Alternate two pairs of running shoes:

If you are running on the regular basis then it’s important that you keep an extra pair of shoes with yourself. There are more chances of the survival of your shoes if you give them a day or 2 off to decompress and dry out. A good tip is to get another pair of shoes once you are done wearing the current pair of shoes for about 1 month.

Store your shoes properly:

When house cleaning make sure that you keep all of your running shoes in cool and dry place where they can get the air properly. Heat is their enemy. You just can’t leave your shoes in a tight sunlight. The best thing to transport your gym shoes is a gym bag as it can work in the humid environment and without the air flow as well. Take the shoes out of the bag so that they can air out.

Don’t put your running shoes in the washing machine:

During the house cleaning process if you want to clean your shoes then you need to use a scrub brush, a mild soap and the cold water solution. Once you rinse them leave them to get dry in the air. For more tips on how to wash your shoes so they look brand-new again, click here.
If you need any assistance for house cleaning then you can contact your local house cleaning Lake Forest Park experts now.