House Cleaning Kirkland – The safest Ways to Clean Baby Toys

With small kids in the house, it’s common that we spend most of our time to disinfect the pacifier thoroughly sanitizing dishes and cutlery and cleaning the bottles during the house cleaning process. However, sometimes we forget to clean our children’s toys. The kids spend lots of time to play with their toys everyday and carry them almost everywhere all around the house and often put them in their mouth. So, you need to keep them clean.
Here are some of the tips by house cleaning Kirkland which you can follow to clean your baby toys during the house cleaning.
Stuffed Toys & Fabric Toys:
During the house cleaning process you can wash the plush toys in the washing machine. For the stubborn stains you can apply a small amount of baking soda before you put in the washing machine and after that add 3 teaspoon of vinegar solution during the rinse cycle.
For the non-washing machine plush toys you can put them in the plastic bag and put it in the freezer for one day or 24 hours.
Plastic Toys:
During the house cleaning process you can wash your plastic toys with the soapy water for a long time so that all of the germs and bacteria is rinsed. You can create a solution of water and vinegar as an alternative to any harsh detergent. After that you can add it in a spray bottle and spritz on the toy and leave it for 15 minutes before you rinse the vinegar. Another solution is to mix the water with baking soda and then use a clean cloth and then apply the paste on the wooden and plastic toys.
Electronic Toys:
During the house cleaning you just can’t throw your electronic toys directly in the washing machine as they contain battery without short-circuiting the power supply. The best method is to clean them with the antiseptic wet wipes.
During the house cleaning process you can clean the dolls with hard plastic bodies by using a cloth soaked in the vinegar and water solution or a soap solution. The hair of the doll can be washed with the shampoo and combing out the tangles later on. It you have a cloth doll then you can wash it in the washing machine. Read the care label before washing it.
Bath Toys:
To clean the bath toys during the house cleaning you need to fill a bowl with equal amount of water and vinegar and soak the toys in the solution. Make sure that the mixture goes inside the toys. At the same day, remove the mixture and rinse them well and let them get dry. After every use wash them with water to get rid of germs. Try to store all of the bath toys in a net basket instead of a bowl where there are high chances of insects or germs.
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