House Cleaning Kirkland: 7 Tips to Get Rid of Ants

Is there an army of little ants that is moving towards the cookie jar on your countertop of the kitchen?
Here are some of the tips by House Cleaning Kirkland which you can follow to get rid of the ants in your house during the house cleaning process.
If you are living in a quarter where there are lots of ants gathered together near the cracks then you should use boric acid where you find the intruders. Here is how you can use the boric acid to kill the ants during the house cleaning process.

You need to use a buster in order to blow small amount of powder in the hard to reach corners.
Please Note: That the boric acid can be very dangerous if it is ingested by young children, so keep it out of reach from the kids.

Another example to get rid of ants during the house cleaning process:

You should keep the ants at bay by drawing a line near the entry points of your house.
The ants are going to get back due to calcium carbonate in the chalk that is actually made up of compressed shells of marine animals.
Also, when you are house cleaning scatter the chalk powder in your garden plants to repel the ants.

Are you looking for natural cleaners instead of using harsh chemical or pesticides to get rid of ants?

During the house cleaning process you can sprinkle some flour at the back of your pantry shelves in order to stop the ants entering in your house. Like this the ants will not cross the lines.


During the house cleaning process to get rid of ants in your house garden you need to make a paste of oranges by taking a blender and make a smooth puree of orange peels in 1 cup of warm water solution and add it on anthills to send the little pests inside.


When house cleaning, if you see ants in your kitchen who are looking for sugar in your house then you should give them some pepper.
Sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the spots where the ants are looking like your countertops where the sugar is present.

Plastic containers:
During the house cleaning process you might see that the ants are gathered on your dining table and they are into your delicious picnic dishes that you have made for your family. Here is a trick which you can use to kill the ants.

All you need to do is place a picnic plastic container on the bottom of each table leg and then fill it with the water, the ants will not be able to walk past it.


If the ants are marching towards you home then you need to sprinkle some salt in your door frame or directly on their path. The ants will not cross the boundaries.

➤If you want to get rid of ants on your premises and you too busy for house organization then contact your local House Cleaning Kirkland experts.