House Cleaning Woodinville: Freezer Cleaning Process

The freezer is one of the most neglected areas in your house when you are house cleaning. The reason is that it stay so cold and it’s not easy to stink it just like fridge. The main issue is that we try to clean it’s glossy overdue.
Here are few tips by House Cleaning Woodinville by which you can clean your freezer during the house cleaning process.
Before you start the house cleaning process you need to make sure that you grab all of the possible supplies with you.

Dry towel
White Vinegar
Baking Soda
Old Toothbrush

The Cleaning Process
1. Empty the freezer:
During the house cleaning process you cannot clean the freezer when there is lots of food present in it that is why you need to empty it. Take this opportunity to get rid of your all old food items that are usually expired or that are not being used by you anymore. If you have got a large freezer than you can move them in different portions to save your energy and time.
2. Defrost the freezer:
Most of the freezers these days don’t usually get the buildup of frost. If you have not one of it then skip this step. All you need to do is to remove the plug of your freezer to frost-free it completely before you start the house cleaning process.
Once you empty the freezer then you need to unplug the wire and open the lid of the freezer. This depends how much ice is present in your freezer as it can take half an hour or more than that as well. During this house cleaning process don’t just abandon it use a dry cloth and dip it one by one and squeeze the water that is being melt from the ice buildup.
3. Wipe the freezer:
Now when there is no ice or food in your freezer you can clean it without any problem. First thing you need to do during house cleaning is to get rid of debris at the bottom like stray veggies or food debris. Pick them out and throw in the bin.
Then during the house cleaning use the vinegar solution to clean the side and bottom of the freezer. Easy way is to fill a bowl with water and solution when you plan to use it. Simply use the dry cloth to wipe the freezer with a rag. If there are drawers then take them out and clean them properly when house cleaning.
4. Deodorize the freezer:
Once the freezer is clean you can remove the odor by scrubbing with the mixture of water and baking soda. This way you can avoid any odor or stinky smell arising in your freezer on weekly basis.
5. Dry the freezer:
Use a paper towel or a dry cloth inside the freezer to dry the inside and the outside of your freezer.
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