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When it comes to house painting, fingerprints, dust, stains, grime are just a few common factors that can make your house look displeasing during the house cleaning. But it might sound surprising but to clean up the painted wall is much easier than people may think. Here are few house cleaning tips by house cleaning bothell that will help you to make your walls look like new again.  
Consider the paint finish:  
All of the paints don’t have similar properties, so, during the house cleaning process you need to assess which method will be suitable for cleaning the painted walls. The latex paint along with the gloss, semi-gloss and eggshell finishes are designed to resist the washing, abrasive cleaning or light scrubbing. The matte paint is very difficult to clean.
TIP: When you are washing your walls make sure that you start from the bottom and then move up gradually in order to avoid drip marks. Don’t force it much as you might damage the walls.
Dust Walls Regularly:
No matter what kind of paint is on your walls. If you dust your walls during the house cleaning process it will keep your walls fresh. The best method is to get rid of the dust by using a soft brush, broom or you can even tie a dry cloth on the long-handle sweeper to clean the walls.
TIP: If you want to preserve your paint during house cleaning then avoid using brooms that have strong bristles as they will scratch and damage the paint.
Wipe Away Stains and Fingerprints:
During the house cleaning process before you start cleaning the stains and fingerprints from your painted walls make sure that you choose the right cleaning solution. Most of the stains can be cleaned with warm, soapy water. You can even add ½ cup of ammonia, vinegar and baking soda and lastly add a gallon of water to create the paste.
Choose the right cleaning Method:
When house cleaning, if you want to prolong the life of the paint then you should begin by wiping the stains and fingerprints of your children from the wall with a mild solution. When you are rubbing the persistent marks then rub it in the circular motion and if you notice stains then scrub it harder.
TIP: Always spot-test the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area just to insure that it won’t affect the paint.  
Try Special Products:
During the house cleaning process if you have got hard to remove stains like fingerprints, then you should use magic eraser type of products.
TIP: You can use a commercial water activated micro scrubber in order to wipe the persistent dirt.
Rinse Clean:
Once you are done with cleaning your painted walls during the house cleaning process. Rinse your walls with water and dry the walls with a soft cloth.
TIP: There is no need to rinse the walls if you have used baking soda, water or vinegar.
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