What are other cleaning uses for dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets are a very useful item that can be used multiple times, they cannot be very useful in making your laundry smell fresh and amazing but it could also be used multiple times after that and that too in very useful ways. House Cleaning Kenmore have gathered a few tips and tricks that can help you know where else can you use or utilize your used dryer sheets for house cleaning.
1. Pick pet hair
During the house cleaning process one of the most difficult things to clean up after your pet in their hair. Wherever your pet sits it leaves tons of hair there and it is near to impossible to clean up the hair from there especially from the carpet. No matter how many times to clean it still you can see hair left on the carpet. So an easy way to pick up your pet hair is with the use of dryer sheets. The dryer sheets can be run over the place where your pet has shed its hair and dryer sheet will stick the hair itself and the house cleaning up will be made easy for you.
2. Clean the soap scum
During the house cleaning process another difficult thing to clean up is the soap scum left on the bathtubs or shower walls. No matter what you do, after a few uses of shower or bathtub you can see the soap scum there. Without making much effort an easy way to clean up that scum is with the help of dryer sheet you can scrub the walls and the bathtub with the dryer sheet and you will see the difference there and then.
3. To keep the room smelling fresh
During the house cleaning process If you want to keep your room smelling fresh and clean, instead of spending a lot of money in buying expensive sprays and candles. A simple step can save you tons, all you need to do for this stick a dryer sheet in front of the fan and you see the difference your room will start smelling nice and fresh. This hardly takes a minute or two. So whenever you are having guests at home you can simply stick a dryer sheet in front of the fan and it will make your room smell nice without spending tons of money.
4. To keep the suitcase smelling fresh
During the house cleaning process we all travel have to travel at some point in life whether it could be for your own purposes or for a business trip. Sometimes you have to travel in a hurry and you don’t really have much clean laundry to carry just place a dryer sheet in the bottom of the suitcase and then keep the clothes. Till the time you reach your destination you will have a fresh smelling laundry. 
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