What are best shower cleaning basics?

One of the most used spaces in the house is the toilet or the shower it is almost used on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times during the day. So it requires a daily clean up too. If you don’t clean the shower on a daily basis the water and gunk starts to build up, which later on time is really difficult to clean. House Cleaning Lake City  has some tips on what are the basics to cleaning the shower.  

Unclog the shower drain

When house cleaning, since the shower is mostly in use on a daily basis or even many times throughout the day. You will know that your shower has been clogged when the water stays in your feet in the shower. There are things that can clog your shower drain, such as the soap scum. During house cleaning, to unclog the drain you can pour in 1 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup vinegar this will create a fizzy reaction. Let it sit for about 10-20 minutes, then pour in very hot water. This will open your clogged drain easily. 

Clean the showerhead

When house cleaning, it is very common to find the buildup of hard water, which clogs your shower head. Most of us think that it is really difficult to remove this water buildup but in reality it is not like that. During house cleaning, mix an individual proportion of vinegar and water in a plastic sandwich bag. Attach it to the shower head with an elastic band and continue the day while the solution does its magic. And this simple trick takes care of the mineral deposits that remain from hard water and the accumulation of mold.

Clean the shower curtains

When house cleaning, since the shower is one of the most used places in the house, obviously the shower curtain too gets all the water stains or soap scum on it. Which on a longer term keeps on building up and makes it difficult for you to clean up when you realise. So instead you should clean the shower curtain with every cleaning as well. During house cleaning, take off the shower curtain and wash them in the washing machine, if that is not possible then make a mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it all over the curtain and let it sit then use a clean microfiber cloth to clean the curtain. After this wash it with clean water and dry it off. 

Cleaning shower door

When house cleaning, shower doors are prone to build up of hard water stains. It is very difficult to clean the shower doors. You can keep the shower doors clean by wiping it off with a microfiber cloth or a squeegee everytime you leave the shower. 
If you are looking for more shower cleaning techniques then you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning Lake City experts or you can book an appointment with House Cleaning Lake City experts for more details.