Simple Tips to Clean Your Cheese Grater

In any kitche, it is necessary to have the cheese grater. The block cheese is sold at a lower price than grated cheese and also you get more quantities at a lower price. And we all have cheese graters at home that can be useful when it comes to grating cheese. But the math after cleaning the grater is the difficult part. Because most of you have faced the fact that cheese stuck in grater blades is almost impossible to extract, no matter how hard we do it. Home Cleaning in Brier has some tips on how to clean the grater easily without putting in too much effort during house cleaning.

1. Clean immediately

During house cleaning you should clean the cheese grater immediately after using it, this will reduce the cleaning time to half since the cheese particles attached to the grater are softer before drying out. As for when they are left for a while, these particles harden and are therefore difficult to remove. If you find that you do not have enough time to invest immediately in cleaning the cheese grater, then you can immerse it in the water, this will keep it soft and will be easier to remove.

2. Dishwasher

If you want to go for an easy method to clean the cheese grater, you can throw the grater into the dishwasher if it is dishwasher safe. In this way, you will have a deep cleaning and will remove all the particles of cheese attached to the grater. When house cleaning, it is advisable to remove it before the drying cycle, as this can cook any blocked particles of cheese on the grater and by removing it you can clean it with a cloth.

3. Lemon

A lemon is also an excellent option when it comes to cleaning the cheese grater. For this, you need a lemon cut in half and bit of salt, dip the lemon in the salt and then rub the grater well, leave it to rest for 5 minutes. Then, pass the grater under very hot water, removing all the remaining lemon juice from the grater. Then put a little amount of washing-up liquid, rub the grater and wash it as normal and you will have a clean cheese grater in no time.

4. Pastry brush

Another great way to clean the cheese grater is with the help of a pastry brush, you can also opt for a toothbrush for this purpose. Dip the grater underwater, then apply a little washing-up liquid to the grater and use the brush to rub the grater, this will remove all the cheese particles from the grater. Let it rest for a minute and then place it under clean water to clean the grater. It works exceptionally well. You can even repeat the whole process again if you don’t find perfect results the first time.

For more house cleaning tips you can call your local House Cleaning experts in Brier.