Secret Storage Spots in Your House

Secret storage spots in your house can be finite especially when you are living in a city that is crazy expensive. So, for house cleaning it’s important to consume all little spaces in your home to maximize the storage solutions and by using all of the home organizing tips. House Cleaning Kirkland has got few storage solutions that might help you in house cleaning.
Build Drawers into steps:

Depending on the storage space that you have got in your house, you must add a single easy to access drawer in the bottom step or you can even change your whole staircase into a secret drawer. There will be few subtle handles but there will be ample space to store your shoes, magazines, linen etc.

Put a trap door:

For house cleaning, the staircase has a landing and you can turn it into a secret trap door that can be used to store your larger items like blankets, duvet and pillows that is easily accessible. You should be careful with the door handle, you don’t want your guests to be tripping over it.

Behind the door:

The area behind the door is a perfect storage unit. You just need some shoe organizers that can be hanged behind the door. All you need to do is that hang it at the back of your door and store shoes of your family and in this way you can utilize the space in your house and the house cleaning will be easy too.


There are many different types of hooks that are available in different size and shapes that match the outlook of your house as well. You can easily use them on your walls that won’t even damage your paint or drywall. The hooks can easily handle lots of weight and you can hang lots of stuff as well that means less house cleaning.


The corners of your house are rarely utilized, so you can utilize them anyway. A caddy is a good option for house cleaning as it can be used to store your laundry products, tools and accessories in your laundry room, where the space is often very less. You can even use it in the spaces like pantry.

Under the bed:

When it comes to home organization your bed is the best option for free storage space. If you are having seasonal clothes that you are not wearing frequently and want to store them or even if you don’t want to clutter them in your closet. Then you can put them under your bed when house cleaning. Different bed storage units are available.  

Caution: This does not mean that you start putting everything under your bed. You need to be organized about it. You can use vacuum bags that are easy to use, stuff item in and suck the air out by vacuum when you don’t need it and under the bed.
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