Cleaning and Caring for Laminate Counter-tops

Laminate countertops are very common and you can find them easily. These countertops are often used for construction because they are very cheap and durable. They are made up of plastic and paper that all together make a countertop surface. Laminate countertops come in different options and different designs and you can take care of them easily during the house cleaning process.
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What are the pros of choosing the laminate countertops?

When house cleaning, the laminate countertops can easily hold all things that are thrown at them. They can resist scratches, spills and so much more. Another quality of countertops is that they are fire resistant and don’t get dull easily without something damaging them. There are variety of different patterns, finishes from which you can choose that fits your style. When house cleaning, you can easily clean then without any problem.

What are the cons of choosing the laminate countertops?

Laminate countertops can handle the spills and scratches but they do get damaged. When they do get damaged there is no way to repair them. The damage spreads quickly. Once the countertops are exposed it will start to deteriorate rapidly. The laminate countertops have seams where the two pieces meet. You can notice the seams but they are glued together. It can get damaged by the water during the house cleaning.

Cleaning the laminate countertops:

Cleaning the laminate countertops is an easy process. For house cleaning, you need a daily cleaning cloth, dish soap and some water. Dry the countertop after cleaning it to prevent water going down into the seams. It is very important to clean it.

If there are stained areas then you can use baking soda paste to remove them.

3 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of water should be used for house cleaning.
Put it on the stain and spread it completely.
Let the solution sit for 5 minutes.
Don’t wipe the solution as it may damage the countertop. Though it depends on the quality of countertops.
If you have got white laminate then it won’t get damaged with light scrubbing.    

For more details on how to clean a laminate counter-top, visit here.

How to repair and maintain countertops?

You can get a special paste that is available for purchase from the countertop company from any nearest grocery store who deals with laminate countertop repairing and scratches. For house cleaning, you can choose different type of colors that can match. It’s important to repair them as soon as possible and if you ignore them it is going to get worse.

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