Removing Pet Fur from Your Upholstery

If you are having cat or dog hair all over your couch, curtains or your clothes? Especially during the shedding season, it’s easy for the pet fur to get out of your hand. To get you out of the worst situation, House Cleaning Woodinville has got few tips for you for house cleaning the pet fur.
Start with your pet:
You must combat excessive shedding. As the healthy animals shed anyway but regular brushing can help you or you can go to your vet to get advice on how you can reduce the shedding if it’s too hard to manage during the house cleaning.
Choose Pet-Friendly fabrics:
For house cleaning, most of the fabrics sometimes gather more pet hair than others. Avoid velvet, velour, corduroy and loose knits that will attract pet hairs. Cotton and wool is going to attract more hair than the synthetics. Though, synthetics also attract the hair due to static and this makes it even more difficult to remove. Hair do get slippery with leather, satin and shiny material.
You must vacuum your sofa and your chairs on regular basis with an upholstery tool. When you have vacuumed it spray it with anti-static spray and then brush it with a lint roller for house cleaning.
Use the dryer:
For house cleaning, Washable clothes that are covered with the pet hair must go through a dryer for few minutes on cool before you wash it. The hair will be filtered and once you are done clean the filter.
GHI TIP: You can use a dryer sheet in order to reduce static and stop the hair getting into the fabrics.
Use Rubber Gloves:
The best way to clean the pet hairs from the furniture is to wear the gloves and brush them from the surface of the fabric. The more static they create at the palm of the gloves work a treat to remove the hairs. To clean the gloves put them into the hot water and let the hair float. Repeat if not cleaned properly during house cleaning.
Deal with Bedding:
For house cleaning, you need to wash your pet bedding on the regular basis. Check if your pet hair are stuck inside the drum and then run a short rinse cycle to clean it properly (If you don’t want to cover your clothes with pet hair in the next laundry)
Use a damp duster:
You must run your damp duster where the pet hair are gathered to pick it up as you go. This method works with the flooring as well, so, damp your cloth and start your mop all over the floor to pick up the pet hair.
Cover up:
If you don’t want to remove the hair from the sofa then you must cover it with the blankets in order to avoid from your pets. For details on how to remove pet stain for all types of surfaces, visit here.
➤If you don’t want to remove your pet hair and want professional help then get in touch with House Cleaning Woodinville to get a lending hand. Contact House Cleaning Woodinville now.

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