Quick cleaning tips to make the most of commercial breaks

We spend most of our time watching tv and during a 30 minute program 14 minutes consists of a commercial break and if we spend 4 hours watching tv you can’t even imagine how much time can you spare from that commercial break.
You can utilize that time for cleaning and it would come to your surprise how much you can get done during that 14 minutes.
House Cleaning Bothell has some tips that could help you figure out what can you get done during the commercial break.   
1. Clean the toilet
When house cleaning, one of the most time consuming tasks is cleaning the toilet. It requires a lot of scrubbing. A quick winning tip is that you can pour in the toilet cleaning agent in the toilet in one commercial break and resume watching your favorite tv show. During house cleaning, in the other commercial break you can scrub the toilet down and clean it. This will not only take less time, but this way the cleaning agent will also get the time to perform its action in the time it requires. 
2. Clean the breakfast dishes
During house cleaning, breakfast is considered as one of the most important meals of the day and if you have noticed that the least amount of dishes are used in the breakfast. If you leave the breakfast dishes unattended for a longer period of time you must have noticed that it takes much longer to clean. When house cleaning, you can wash the yogurt bowls and coffee mugs in the commercial break and then wash the other plates and things during other commercial breaks. 
3. Make the bed
When house cleaning, making the bed is considered as one of the most difficult tasks by most people. So instead of thinking like that you can do all the clean ups and pick up all the things in between those commercial breaks while watching your favorite shows. 
4. Pack lunches
When house cleaning, packing up the lunches at night can be done ahead of time so that your morning routine doesn’t turn into a mess in the morning time. So while watching your late night show during a commercial break you can arrange for the lunch that you need to pack for your child’s lunchbox. During house cleaning, in the next commercial break you can place all the things in the lunch box, close it and place it in the refrigerator for the next morning. 
5. Do some laundry
When house cleaning, we always consider doing laundry as one of the most time consuming tasks, but if you have all sorted it out then it takes just a few minutes to get it off your hands. During house cleaning, you can utilize the time between the commercial breaks to sort out the clothes accordingly and then during other commercial breaks you can load and unload the washer. Another plus point is that you can fold the laundry while watching your show.  
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