Natural tips to make your house smell fresh again!

There are always some certain smells that remind us about home, same is the case with homes you always want your home to smell amazing and fresh, this not only gives your home a place to relax but also makes you fell fresh. So you should always arrange for certain things that will make your house smell amazing and fresh. House Cleaning Lake Forest Park has some tips that will help you make your house smell amazing.
1.   A stove simmer
When house cleaning, it is one of the easiest and effortless method of making your house smell nice and fresh. If you are a citrus smell lover then this tip is a hit for you. This scent lasts for a long time in your home, so if you are having guests over at home then quickly go for this method. During house cleaning you should arrange for a small saucepan filled with water, bring it to boil then add a few slices of citrus fruit and some lavender or mint essentials and let it sit on the stove it will start defusing the smells all around your house.
2.   Candle placement
When house cleaning, we all know the easiest way to make your house smell good is my placing and lighting scented candles. Now the smell from the candles all depends on the placement of these candles, you should place them in the most unexpected places such as the linen closet but don’t lit these candles, the scent from the candles will be absorbed by the linen and then whenever you open the closet it will not only smell nice but the linen will also carry the scent with it to other parts of the house too.  
3.   Dryer sheets
When house cleaning, you can always go with the trick of dryer sheets. This works very well, in this case too you can place the dryer sheets in linen closet or in the closet the clothes will absorb the scent and will spread the scent all around the house when you place the linen out.
4.   Fabric softener
When house cleaning, the fabric softeners have an amazing smell to them and last you for a very long time. So whenever you are doing laundry you should pour in a cap of fabric softener not only will it make your laundry soft but will also make your laundry smell amazing and whenever you place the linen and sheets out it will make your house smell amazing throughout.
5.   DIY jars
When house cleaning, you should use the mason jars to make your own scents. For this purpose simmer some hot water and pour it in the Mason jar, to it add your favorite ingredients such as cinnamon sticks to spread the scent in your house just open the lid and it will make your house smell like holidays.
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