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When house cleaning, the microfiber cloth is just like a magnet to dirt that is clinging onto the unwanted bacteria but special cleaning tools also need to be cleaned as well! The top method to wash microfiber cloths is not always simple, and by knowing how to wash a microfiber cloth is quite a simple and straightforward process. 
When you learn the proper way to wash your microfiber towels and cloths it will not only make them suitable for repeated house cleaning but their effectiveness will stay the same from time after time. You can either wash your microfiber cloths either by hand or washing machine, there are various methods to wash a microfiber cloth. 
House cleaning Lake Forest Park has got some key house cleaning steps to the process.
Complete Guide:
Can we wash microfiber cloths during the house cleaning process? Of course. Can maintain the quality of our microfiber cloths? Of course you can. The only ‘Nos’ which you need to remember during the house cleaning are as follows:
– Don’t heat it 
– Don’t use fabric softener
– Don’t use laundry detergent
When house cleaning just remember that microfiber cloths and towels work best when you use them on their own or when you use water only. Make sure that you don’t use them with any cleaning products which will reduce the effectiveness of your microfiber cloths. So, when you are going to wash your microfiber cloths be sure that you don’t use any kind of fabric softener, laundry detergent or don’t heat it as it will reduce the effectiveness of your microfiber cloths, use water only. 
How to wash Microfiber cloths in washing machine? 
During the house cleaning process It’s always better to wash the microfiber towels on their own but if you think that you need to wash the microfiber towels then run with a mixed load and also make sure that it’s only with other non-linting synthetic materials like cotton is one material in particular that’s keeps it separate from microfiber. Try to wash it on a cool/warm setting without using any detergent. Once the wash cycle is complete, leave to get air dry
How to wash microfiber cloths on hand? 
When house cleaning you can do hand washing that is the most straightforward house cleaning method and with microfiber cloths you just need water! You need to let the dirty microfiber cloths  soaked in either cool or warm but make sure that it’s not hot water and you should use your hands to rinse the dirt and grime that has been stuck in your microfiber cloths. Once you think all of the dirt has been removed them leave it to get dry!
Can we dry microfiber cloth in tumble dryer? 
When house cleaning make sure that you don’t use tumble dryer to dry your microfiber cloth but if you do use it then put it on low settings. Air dry will make it last longer and it will not catch the loose particles easily. 
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