Make Your House Smell Fresh All the Time

Don’t you just love it when someone walks in your house and tells you that it smells amazing? Have you ever wondered that how can you make your house smell good during house cleaning? Well you won’t believe it but it’s super easy. All you need to do is follow tips by house cleaning woodinville to make your house smell fresh all of the time.
1. Air it all out
During the house cleaning process, the best way to get rid of old, musty air is to open the windows ad let the fresh air come inside. If you need the best results then you should open windows of the multiple rooms to cross-breeze
2. Burn, spray, and smoke out the smell
When house cleaning you can use candles, sprays, incenses that are great weapons to fight with the bad smells. These product are great that can help to bring some lovely fragrances in your house. Make sure that you use same kind of perfumes because too many fragrances is going to make your house smell like a potpourri factory.
3. Cook something delicious
When house cleaning, you can bake a batch of some cookies or even banana bread and that warm, sweet goodness can take over everything else in your house.  
4. Sprinkle carpet freshener liberally
During the house cleaning process you can create your own carpet freshener. All you need to do is sprinkle some carpet freshener and then vacuum it to make a difference in just few minutes.
If you have a light colored carpet in your house you can even leave the powder underfoot, sweep it over the fiber to have a long lasting deodorizing. The advantage of this is that when you will use the vacuum cleaner it’s going to smell fresh as well.
If you haven’t got carpet freshener then you an use baby power during the house cleaning process as well. This is not recommended for darker carpets.
5. Make your own potpourri
When house cleaning, you are not supposed to dry flowers. All you need to do in this process is to boil a pan of water on the stove and then add the items which smell good. It can be orange peels, essential oils or cinnamon sticks.
You can mix to create a perfect scent for you.The steam is going to carry the odor all over the house.
6. Use cotton ball perfume bombs
This is an old trick but you can use it when house cleaning to make your house smell good. All you need to do is soak your favourite cotton balls in the scented oil and then tuck them all over the house, where no one can see.
– It can be between cushions
– Behind the furniture
– In your A/c panel
– In the vacuum canister
If you are busy and you need help with the house organization then feel free to contact your local house cleaning Woodinville experts now.