How to Take Care of Your Towel – House Cleaning Lake City

Caring for towels is not an easy task. After washing them several times they can stop smelling clean and lose their fluffiness during the house cleaning process. Towels should not be laundered just like the ordinary laundry. Even the brand new towels need proper laundry. Here are some of the dos and don’ts to clean your towels during the house cleaning process. Follow some tips by house cleaning lake city:
1. Try a cold wash
Most of the time during the house cleaning we wash our towels on a hot cycle that is something very usual but a colder wash can keep the condition of your towels in a really good shape. It can prevent from getting them shrink and to keep their colors in the original position. When house cleaning a cold wash will keep the mildew at the bay which usually builds up easily in the damp bathrooms.
2. Don’t over dry them
During the house cleaning process make sure that you don’t overdry your towels in the tumble dryer or on the radiator because it can damage the cotton fibers and it will lose its softness. Try to remove the towels when they are fully dry and hang them where it’s enough air to finish them off. You need to be careful when you fold them up a little damp as the mildew can grow.   
3. Use less Detergent
When you are house cleaning try no to add too much detergent and the fabric softener to your load because it won’t clean the towels entirely.  The build up can damage the fabric fibres of the product as well as it makes your towels less fluffy and soft. Before you start washing make sure that you go through the manufacturer’s manual for recommendations what settings are best for washing your towels and if you have guessed it right then lean towards the less is more old school thought.
4. Hold the bleach
Just keep in mind during the house cleaning that white bleaches might sometimes damage and breakdown the fibres. Instead of that you should soak your towels in the solution of baking soda and water after that put them in the washing machine. You need to add little baking soda to your washing cycle and add some vinegar during the rinse cycle.
5. Keep it regular
During the house cleaning process you might have the fear that your towels might get damaged, grey or stretchy if you wash them again and again but it’s the wrong strategy. You should wash your towels after every three to four days because the germs, debris get stuck between the fabric fibres. Hygiene should be your top priority. It’s also a good idea to not let the dirt, germs or bacteria settle on the fabric for too long. Also, don’t forget your hand towels.
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