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No matter how much we wash our bathtubs, there are always a few places where stains remain and it is almost impossible to remove those stains and we end up feeling bad even after making a cleaning effort and then looking at those difficult stains it feels like if we returned to the same where we started from. For this House Cleaning Lake Forest Park, have some tips that will be useful to clean those spots.
1. Baking soda
House cleaning has this trick for which you will need baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This is best when it comes to cleaning those old and tough stains in the bathtub, all you need to do is take two parts of baking soda and a portion of hydrogen peroxide, this will make a kind of paste. Apply this paste on the yellow spots and let it rest for a while, then rub it with a brush and wash it as usual, most likely it will remove all the stains from the tub and give it a bright tub in a short time
2. Cream of tartar
House cleaning suggests that the cream of tartar also works well when it comes to removing stains from the tub. For this house cleaning, he says that what you should do is add cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide in a cup, make a paste and apply it on the stains in the bathtub, let it rest for about an hour and then use a brush and Wash it as usual. This will not only remove stains from the tub, but will also give you a bright-looking tub in just an hour.
3. Vinegar
House cleaning suggests that vinegar is another useful trick when it comes to cleaning stains in the bathtub. All you have to do for this is take about four cups of vinegar and then fill the tub on the stains with warm water and pour vinegar. Let it rest for about four hours, then drain the water and rub it well with a brush and wash as usual. According to the house cleaning, this will give you a spotless and bright bathroom in no time.
4. Salt
Another tip by house cleaning to clean the tub is the use that could help us clean the stains: salt, mix it with turpentine. House cleaning suggests wearing rubber gloves and using the salt mixture to rub the stains from the tub once you see that the stains fade from the tub, you can wash them as usual. This will give you a clean, spotless tank in no time.
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