How to remove rust from metal kitchen items?

Rust is one of the things commonly found on metal, no matter how careful we are with metal kitchen items still at some point we do find traces of rust on the metal things. We think to ourselves how expensive this item was and now you would have to throw it away just due to that rust. House cleaning Kirkland has some tips that will remove the traces of rust.

How to remove rust from knives

When house cleaning a house chef’s best knife is irreplaceable, so any rust spots that appear should go as soon as possible. During house cleaning to remove the rust stains you need to follow this method. 

Fill the glass with vinegar.

Place the knife in the glass, making sure all rust spots are immersed. If you are cleaning the rust of a large knife with a heavy handle, you may want to stabilize the glass in some way so that it doesn’t tip over.

Leave the knife to soak for about five minutes.

Remove the knife and lightly rub the rusty areas with the cleaning side of the sponge. 

Rinse the knife with cold water.

How to remove rust from metal pans

During house cleaning, an oxidation powder won’t cause your famous gluten-free carrot muffins to favor the flavor, so make sure your molds aren’t rusty. When house cleaning to remove the rust of the metal pans you can follow these steps. 

Cut the potato in half.

Soak the cut end of the potato in dishwashing liquid or baking soda.

Use this end of the tap to rub the rusty part of the pan. When the end of the potato starts to feel that it slips and slips too much, cut it, reapply its soap or baking soda and continue to rub.

Repeat until no more rust remains in the pan.

Wash with water

How to remove rust from cast iron

During house cleaning finding rust in the cast iron skillet could send you directly into panic mode.During house cleaning you can follow this routine, to remove those ugly orange spots. 

To facilitate cleaning, place the newsprint or parchment paper in the area where you will be working.

Cut the potato in half

Generously cover the bottom of the pan with kosher salt.

Hold the potato with the cut side facing the surface of the pan and rub the rusty areas. The idea here is that salt acts as a cleaning product, while potato is the tool for cleaning. You will need some grease on the elbow for this method to work, so be sure to apply pressure when rubbing it.

If the end of the potato gets slippery, cut it and continue rubbing. Similarly, if the salt starts to get dirty, rinse the pan and add the fresh granules.

After removing all rust from the pan, rinse it with water and dry it with a tea towel.

For more tips you can contact your local House Cleaning Kirkland experts or book an appointment with House Cleaning Kirkland for house cleaning residential services. 

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