How to remove crayon from the wall?

The homes where children live can never be safe from crayon marks on the wall. Once your child holds up a crayon it can be far from marking the walls with crayons as well. it is like a canvas for them where they think they can draw and do anything they want. We need to be vigilant about what our child is doing so that we can save our walls. But it cannot be safe forever, so House Cleaning Kirkland shares some tricks that can help you save some bucks from getting the walls repainted and to remove crayon marks easily during the house cleaning.
1. Vinegar
When it comes to house cleaning vinegar is the best option, not only can it be used in every other method of cleaning, but it can serve its purpose in cleaning one way or another. It is quite inexpensive so it can be bought in large amounts but can also is easily available in every home. So it is literally in arms reach. When it comes to cleaning the crayon marks then also vinegar can work wonderfully. All you need to do is dip a brush in the vinegar and then scrub the mark, within seconds you will see the mark has been removed.
2. Baking soda
During the house cleaning process just like vinegar baking soda is also available at everyone’s home, it too is an inexpensive material and when it comes to cleaning baking soda is an ideal cleaner. For cleaning of the crayon marks from the wall all you need to do is take about a tablespoon of baking soda on a dampened cloth and then scrub the wall lightly. The scrubbing will loosen up the crayon marks from the wall in no time.
3. Toothpaste
Another interesting yet inexpensive material that could come in handy when it comes to house cleaning the crayon marks off the wall is toothpaste. To clean the crayon marks with toothpaste all you need to do is take a non- gel toothpaste take it over an old toothbrush and apply it over the area where the crayon marks are covered. Then gently scrub the crayon marks. The toothpaste will help loosen the crayon marks and it will be removed. After the removal you should use a wet cloth to wipe off the wall or you can wash the wall if possible when house cleaning. 
4. Mayonnaise
During the house cleaning to remove crayon marks with a mayonnies all you need to do is apply it over the crayon marks and let it sit after that wipe it with a clean cloth and you will have a clean looking wall. 
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