How to remove candle wax from a table cloth?

We all love to place the candles on our tables and when the candles are lit it is possible that the candle wax drips onto the tablecloth and that beautiful tablecloth can be ruined because of the candle wax, but this is not how it should be felt . Even if candle wax drips on the tablecloth, there is still a way to preserve the tablecloth and that’s why all you have to do is follow house Cleaning Lake Forest Park recommended steps during the house cleaning.
Step 1
During the house cleaning process If you find that the candle wax drips on your tablecloth, it’s best not to panic, just wait until it hardens completely. Once it has completely hardened, use a butter knife to scrape the candle wax from the tablecloth. You have to completely scrape the wax from the tablecloth.
Step 2
During the house cleaning process the second step would be to cut a brown paper and place it on the wax stain. And heat the iron to the maximum, since the fabric could strip the heat and pass it on the brown paper, you would see that the wax oils will transfer to the brown paper, after one side has been covered, you can move the paper until everything the oil was not transferred.
Step 3
During the house cleaning process the next step would be to remove the stain, read the care label first and then, for removal, you can choose to rub alcohol or nail polish remover, as both products cut the oils and candle wax is made of oils. Turn the tablecloth upside down with the stains on a folded towel, using a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol onto the stain and see it dissolve. Keep repeating the process unless you see that the entire stain has been removed.
Step 4
During the house cleaning process after removing the stain, you can put it in the wash basket. Read the care label and then insert it into the wash. It is preferable to wash it in warm water with similar colors with a mild detergent and perform a delicate cycle, this will clean it and give it a new tablecloth.
If the above steps are not enough for you to get the complete idea how you can follow these simple steps to get rid of the candle wax from the table cloth during the house cleaning process then there is no need to worry as you can call your local House Cleaning Lake Forest Park who are always ready to give you solutions for the problems that you are facing no matter what. If you are occupied with the office work even then you can trust us and get our services to give your home a complete fine look. So, Call House Cleaning Lake Forest Park now for house cleaning.

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