How to remove coffee stains from your mugs?

Brown stains inside your coffee mugs is one of the most common complaints that we hear or just accept it as a fact. Though, there is no need to be stuck drinking tea or coffee from the cup that looks dirty and we don’t have to use that cups that are stained to serve our guests. It’s quite easy to remove. Follow tips by House Cleaning Woodinville.

How to clean coffee stains from cups in just 4 steps

After years of drinking coffee from your favorite mug each and every day you might notice that there are stains at the bottom of your cup and no matter how hard you try to remove they just don’t go away. It never gets clean just like you bought it. The coffee and tea stains are quite bad, so it’s not a surprise to find a dark line around the area where your hot drink has been settled in the mug when house cleaning.

During the house cleaning process once the stain has been dried it is impossible to remove it but in reality you can actually remove it. All you need to do in the first step is to rinse your mug with the cold water solution and then remove the loose dirt when house cleaning. In the second step of house cleaning you need to add baking soda or salt directly on the stain or on your sponge. These products are abrasive that is why they can help to break down the stain easily. Thirdly, try to see the difference during the house cleaning process. If it is required you should soak the mug by filling some hot water in it and then adding a little dishwashing liquid. After that you need to empty the mug and then repeat the entire process with some baking soda to remove the stains of coffee and tea. In the end you have to rinse and wash it again with the dishwashing bar or liquid during the house cleaning.

To maintain the fresh, new look of your mugs during the house cleaning process is not just to give them a thorough house cleaning once in a while but also using all of the methods that are discussed above. The sooner you will tackle the stain the easier it will become for you to remove rather than later. It’s not easy to remove the stains once they are set as they are part of porcelain once they get dry. In reality the fresh stains just take mere minutes to remove that is much better idea than regularly soaking the mugs for several hours to remove older and stubborn stains.

Once you get to know the secret techniques to remove the tea and coffee stains from your mug you can transform their appearance as well as maintain their life as well.