How to get rid of ant infestation?

If you have noticed a steady stream of ants in your kitchen or across the countertop or loitering around the windowsill then you should not worry during the house cleaning process. All kinds of insects are active throughout the spring and summer season. Here are some tips by House Cleaning Woodinville to send those ants back in their original place. 
How to get rid of indoor ants? 
Play detective: 
During the house cleaning process instead of sweeping away the ants immediately you should get to the bottom point to what has been attractive them. It can be either a drip of honey or a stray of spoon in your sink you will always find the clue. So, you need to clean it up whatever has been attracting your new tenants and then they might move out on their own. 
Shut down the scouting: 
During the house cleaning process the team of scouts are always searching for the food by using pheromones that leave behind the trail and the other ants follow it, when you will simply wipe it off it wont just finish it. You are supposed to destroy their tiny trail by using a mixture of one part of vinegar and three parts of water solution and then spray it on the spotted ants anywhere you see.
Ready, set, repel: 
When House cleaning you are supposed to mix the peppermint or lavender oil ( two scents always hate ants) by using water and spray it on the entry points that can be either windowsills or door frames. If you are planning to take on the chemical route then you need to search for a product that has got boric acid and then make sure that you read all of the instructions carefully during the house cleaning process.(Most of them can be harmful for the pets as well as the children) 
Count to three:
When house cleaning once you set the repellents try to avoid the temptations to kill ants as they are going to do all of the hard work to bring out the poisonous bait back to the nest. 
How to get rid of outdoor ants? 
Send out a search party: 
During the house cleaning process if you are looking for ant beds in your garden or along your home foundation then the carpenter ants are most likely to be found under the wet wood. So it’s better that you inspect the tree stumps, wood piles and the damaged trees. 
Make a splash:
During the house cleaning process once you get to the nest, make sure that you pour the boiling water all over the ant hill or spot treat them by using an outside insecticide. 
If you are searching for more tips and still you are not able to find the correct methods or ways to get rid of the ants from your house during the house cleaning process then you should call your local House Cleaning Woodinville experts! Call House Cleaning Woodinville now!

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