How to clean your walls?

If you are cleaning the walls of your home on the regular basis then there are less chances that you are going to spend time on your walls with scrubbing and repairing the edge or corners of your walls or even decide to paint it instead during the house cleaning process. You can use any kind of paint on your walls it can be either oil based paint, water paint or else. The only way to improve the paint life on your walls is just to clean it properly. Now the question is how can you do it? Here are some tips by House Cleaning Kirkland to clean the painted walls. 
1. Remove dust
When house cleaning you probably won’t almost certainly watch the residue yet as a general rule it’s quite, more often than not vacuuming your roofs and walls is the main technique that can be utilized by you so as to reestablish the first position of your painted walls when house cleaning. You can either utilize electronic cleaning wipes or utilize a delicate brush so as to remove the spider webs that are seen on your painted walls. 
2. Clean fingerprints 
During the house cleaning process when you have to clean the fingerprints from your walls it is extremely hard. if you need to dispose of the fingerprints, at that point you should simply utilize a mellow cleanser arrangement and a non rough cleaning cushion. if the fingerprints are not falling off the walls effectively, then you have to utilize a solution comprised of one gallon of water and a quarter baking soda. 
3. Get Rid of Mold 
When house cleaning if you need to dispose of form and you need to avert future invasions when you have to clean the painted walls. It’s constantly incredible to begin with a characteristic more clean. Simply blend one cup of vinegar and one cup of borax arrangement and after that include one gallon of water and after that apply the answer for the influenced regions and afterward hang tight for a couple of days if the form returns or not. if you see that it comes back to make a blend of 1 proportion 3 of fade and water. 
4. Remove water stains and steam marks 
When house cleaning if you need to remove the stains you have to join one gallon of water and after that include smelling salts incorporating vinegar in a pail. After that you should test the arrangement in the concealed territory just to affirm if that there is no shading speed and, at that point apply the arrangement liberally on the recolored regions. 
5. Remove colored pencil marks 
At the point when house cleaning you should clean your painted walls just by one approach to remove colored pencil stamps by clammy material with light mineral soul. if this technique doesn’t work for you, at that point you should utilize an enchantment eraser.
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