How to Clean an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners operate more efficiently when the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are clean and the fins are straight. House Cleaning Lake City has some tips on how you can clean your air conditioner at home with ease. This will save you money and keep your home cooler by cleaning your room’s air conditioner yourself. 
When house cleaning, most people assume that hot air from their air conditioning unit means that it has little refrigerant. This is not always the cause. Window and wall air conditioning units often cannot blow cold air because the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are clogged. Here are some air conditioning errors that you can avoid if you have the appliance.
Professional cleaning cost thousands of dollars. But you can do all the work yourself in about an hour with a few dollars of supplies. If cleaning doesn’t work, you can always call a professional.
 The cleaning procedure
When house cleaning, first remove the filter / plastic liner bracket. Usually it breaks. Then remove it from the window or slide it off the wall. If you are working on an A / C window unit, remove the mounting frame and housing. The housing screws are generally located along the bottom edge. Note the position of the screws of odd length as they must be put back in the same points during reassembly.
Comb out the mats
When house cleaning, then straighten the bent cooling fins with a finned comb. Match the correct end of the A / C fin comb to the space between the fins. During house cleaning, then insert the comb of the air conditioning flap and pull upwards to straighten the flaps. Wear leather gloves to avoid unpleasant cuts.
Clean out the curd
During house cleaning, purchase two cans of A/C unit coil cleaner but before applying the cleaner, vacuum up all visible buildup from both coils.
Apply foam cleaner
During house cleaning, shoot the spray all over the surface of both coils and let the foam do the work for you. If the buildup is heavy, brush in the direction of the fins with a nylon bristle brush.
Service the foam cleaner
During house cleaning, while the foam works, clean the fan blades with a household cleaner and a rag. If the fan motor has plastic or rubber coated lubrication ports, check them and wring out a few drops of electric motor oil and cover again.
Finally, wash (or replace) the air filter and reinstall the unit. It could blow much cooler. If not, you have other problems. And if you don’t have air conditioning, check out these creative ways to stay cool during the summer.
If you are still not satisfied with the tips that are given above then you should not hesitate to get in touch with your local House Cleaning Lake City professional experts for more insight hacks. You can also book an appointment with House Cleaning Lake City now.

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