How to clean a toaster?

Toaster is one of the hardest working appliances in our home, it is almost used every day but yet it still gets neglected and almost never gets cleaned ever. There are some bread crisps stuck in the toaster which almost can never be removed without cleaning it properly. The cleaning process hardly takes 10 minutes to make your toaster look good as new again. House Cleaning Kirkland has brought you some steps that will help you in cleaning your toaster in no time at all.
Step 1 Unplugging
The first step House cleaning comes to cleaning the toaster is that you unplug the appliance from the socket. Also that the device is completely cooled down. If your device is still warm to hot, you might burn your skin, also since you need to remove bread crumbles so it might turn into a messy business if left plugged in.
Step 2 Clean the tray
During the house cleaning process the second step is to empty the tray, most of the toasters these days have a removable tray. This is a very helpful feature as all the bread crumbs fall onto this tray and all you need to do is pop it out and empty it over the sink. You will see that when you shake the tray most of the crumbles will down. But if you have an old toaster then try to put it upside down and then shake it so that all the bread particles fall out.
Step 3 Wash the crumb tray
During the house cleaning process you still find crumbs stuck on the tray even after shaking it off then use soapy water and sponge to clean it. After that wash as normal and dry it completely before placing it back.
Step 4 Brush off the inside
In this house cleaning step you should use a smaller brush that is insert able and is easy to reach the hard too hard to reach places in the toaster and clean it with a brush. You will find that there are many crumbs which are stuck on the inside other than on the crumb tray.
Step 5 Wipe the outside
During the house cleaning process once all the inside of the toaster has been cleaned then use a dampened cloth to wipe the exterior as well. This step is very necessary as it has been touched and leave hand marks on the exterior.
Step 6 Polish
During the house cleaning process If your toaster is made of stainless steel then use a little bit of vinegar on a cloth and rub it across the toaster to wipe it clean. This will give your toaster a shine that you are looking for.     
Most of the times we are not having a proper idea how to clean our toaster and for that you can simply get in touch with your local House Cleaning Kirkland experts for house cleaning tips. Call House Cleaning Kirkland now.