How can your stop your towels from getting musty in the summers?

During the summer time it gets really hot due to which most of the people take a lot of baths and your towel use also increases but if you don’t replace the towel more often it will make you sick and will make your bathroom smell too. House Cleaning Woodinville has some tips on how you can wash your towels to reduce the smell in them.
1.   Hang them to dry
When house cleaning, it is most essential that you dry your towel after every use because after every use the towel gets wet so if you don’t dry them off they will leave a stink in your bathroom. So you should hang your towel in the sun to dry after every use. During house cleaning, you should you should place your toss your towels much often in the summer time in the laundry for a wash and change your towel.  
2.   Increase your laundry
When house cleaning, during the summer time you should increase the laundry washing loads. And especially when you are working out their will be a lot of smell in your towels so you should wash your towel sets more often. During house cleaning, if you don’t wash your towel and the use of your towel is much more then you should give your towels a chance to dry off in the air or in the sun so that the smell can be removed from the towels.
3.   Make sure you have a clean machine
When house cleaning, you should make sure that you have a clean machine, sometimes we do the laundry much often but the machine is not clean. Our machines too need good cleaning now and then. You should pour in some vinegar and water and run an empty cycle to clean the machine wash, this will help you with a clean laundry.
4.  Make sure you know to clean your towel
When house cleaning, it is possible that you have been washing your towels the wrong way all this time ,this is the reason that your towels either smell bad or that your towels are harsh on the skin. In this case, during house cleaning you should wash your towels in a towel wash load only. You should choose the warm setting water to wash the towels. With the use of detergent you should splash some vinegar in too while washing, this will help in removing the smells. You should move the towels in the dryer immediately after washing and while moving the towels from the washer to the dryer give them a good shake, turn the heat to highest while drying the towels and make sure your towels are completely dry before removing them from the dryer, you can also hang the towels in the sun for a while to let the air pass through.
For more details on how to take care of your towel, click here.
If you are still looking for additional hacks or tricks then you should not worry as you can call your local House Cleaning Woodinville experts for help or you can book an appointment with House Cleaning Woodinville.

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