How can you clean the gap that’s between your stove and countertop?

The familiar gap between stove and countertop seems to be a real magnet for various food crumbs. No matter how careful you are, there will always be food scraps that fall into this space when cooking or cleaning the stove. It is mostly unnoticed and is not cleaned even when you perform detailed cleaning, this space needs to be cleaned much often so that no rotting smell is left behind and your kitchen remains clean. House Cleaning Lake City has some tips to keep this gap clean. 
Fill that void and forget it
During house cleaning,if there are no foods falling into this opening. Try to find a cover for this space between the stove and the counter and you will never have to worry about cleaning it again. 
What about the food that’s already in the crack?
During house cleaning, if there is already food in this opening, you will have to find a way to remove it. If you ignore it, you will probably face cockroaches or unpleasant smells. The best way to clean it depends on the size of the space.
When house cleaning, if the space is tight, scrape those crumbs with the help of a butter knife. Always make sure that the blade does not point towards you. Insert the knife into the space and scrape all the debris towards you. Once finished, spray a little of your favorite kitchen cleaner on a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Clean the crevice very carefully. If you see the remaining crumbs, repeat until they are all removed and the crack is clean and shiny.
During house cleaning, if the space is larger, take a stick or spatula, wrap it with a microfiber cloth and use it to remove the crumbs. Once finished, you can use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to remove any fragments of dirt. 
How to clean behind the stove?
When house cleaning, move the stove very carefully to avoid damaging the natural gas pipe or the electric cable of the appliance. Consider asking for help, as the stove is a rather heavy appliance. To begin, gently lift the corners of the stove, place under a mat or carpet, then use this mat to pull out the stove. This way you can avoid scratching the floor and also your block won’t break/hurt either. 
During house cleaning, if all this seems too difficult to handle, you can always contact professional cleaners and let them do it for you. Your home will be immaculate and you won’t have to lift a finger.
If you are still not satisfied with the tips that are given above for house cleaning the gap between the stove and your kitchen countertop then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Lake City professionals who will offer more inside tips to you or you can just call House Cleaning Lake City experts to book an appointment.

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