House Cleaning Woodinville | How to Get Rid of Germs from Your Kitchen

It’s the area where most of use boil the water, prepare our daily food items and defrost our dinner in the jiff. Most of the times our children wash their hands after having their meal. And most of us even rinse the pet bowl in the kitchen sink as well.
It’s mandatory for us to keep our kitchen sink bacteria free and germ free and to do that we need to use the house cleaning items available in our pantry rather than using the harmful chemicals.
You need to follow few steps by house cleaning woodinville to get rid of bacteria during the house cleaning.
Get rid of gunk:
Due to kids craft projects, cooking your favourite meals and washing the pet bowls when house cleaning makes your sink full of bacteria and germs and that is why it get stains as well. You might notice the splotches on the light porcelain and even the stainless steel is susceptible. The best way to get rid of the gunk during the house cleaning process is to use the magic eraser that can remove the stubborn stains by using bleach solution.
Sanitize Wisely:
During the house cleaning process make sure that you sanitize your kitchen sink after the cleaning. All you need to do is plug the drain and then fill it with the hot warm water in the sink. Pour 1tb bleach solution, dip in the sponge and wipe your faucets and the handles. Let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse it and let it get dry.
Make it easier next time:
During the house cleaning process make sure that you stash the baking soda under the sink and then sprinkle it on the stains before they even set in. After that you need to just wipe them off and rinse it. The benefit of it is that the baking soda fights with the drain odor as well.
When house cleaning, if you want to keep your stainless steel sink look shiny and glossy then you need to take a few minutes from your busy schedule and remove the scratches by using a dry cloth and following the direction of the grain that harbors the bacteria as well. In the end during the house cleaning make sure that you dip few drops of oil on the dry cloth and clean the stainless steel which will give a shiny look.
Do the dishes:
When house cleaning, make sure that when you have your meal you wash all of your plates, dishes and the stainless steel pot in which you cook the dish/meal.
By following this method you will not only have less clutter but also there will be less chances of bacteria. In the end when you are done washing your dishes dry them with a towel that will keep away the bacteria.
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If you need any kind of help then you can contact your local house cleaning Woodinville experts now.