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An old friend calls you to inform you that he’s in the neighbourhood and will drop by your place in just 15 minutes. You are looking all around your house and trying to figure it out how can you clean this mess in a matter of minutes. Here are few steps by House Cleaning Woodinville that will help you with house cleaning process in just 15 minutes or less. 
1. Get those dishes out of the sink
In this house cleaning process, if you have got a dirty home, the first thing people are going to notice when they enter in your home is your sink.
2. Keep baskets handy
During the house cleaning process, try to use the baskets as that’s something which makes your home look cleaner. You can quickly fold all of your cozy, warm clothes and put them in the basket which makes your home look a lot more tidier than leaving them on the sofa set. Try to keep a large basket beside your sofa as sometimes unexpected might drop by at your place in a short period of time, like this you can toss all of the clutter, toys etc. Also, when house cleaning you can use a large basket to hold your shoes at the entry point. It makes the entryway look good and the shoes are easily accessible as well. 
3. Get the laundry Going
If your laundry has been piling up and your guests/friends are coming over then you should immediately start a load of laundry for house cleaning. It will give a nice look to the floor and it will look a lot more cleaner and also it will look like you have been having a laundry day! 
4. Clean off the counter and tables 
During the house cleaning process, if you have 15 minutes to make your home look neat and clean then you should first start with the counter and clear the coffee tables with a dry microfiber cloth or towel. At this point you should not worry about the items where you are putting,you should just get them out of sight.
5. Get a storage ottoman coffee table
The glass coffee tables can easily catch the fingerprints of your kids, so it’s better if you have a storage ottoman on your hands. So, if your guests are going to visit you can easily toss all of the toys, magazines, books, remotes and everything else when house cleaning. Like this your home will look instantly clean. 
6. Do a quick vacuum of your home
You can always tell if you have vacuumed the home or not as it makes it super clean. If you have got extra time then you should definitely vacuum your entire home.
7. Get the toys off the floor
In this house cleaning process you can get rid of the toys as long as you have got an easy place to hide them. You can even put them at the back of your couch as your guests won’t be able to see it. 
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