House Cleaning Lake City : What to do Before You Move In

House Cleaning Lake City : What to do Before You Move In

You need to get a pen and a paper and start making a checklist for moving into a new house. By keeping balance on your budget to preparing a new life in your new house. There is a never ending list of items when you are finally moving into a new house.
House Cleaning Lake City has got few tips for you before you move in a new house.
Change the Locks:

One of the most important thing before you move into a new house is to keep your family safe by changing the front door locks. During the house cleaning, you don’t want a stranger running with your key to the front door. So, before you move in your new house you need to change your door locks and when you are lying in your bed in the first few nights after moving in you will thank yourself.

Check for Leaks:

For house cleaning, your home inspector ensured that your home is in a perfect condition before you move in. But it’s good to double check, you can give a peace to your mind. When you are moving in your new house and haven’t used water, check your meter. Wait for at least 2-3 hours and make sure that no one else uses the water. It should be exactly the same like before but if it’s not the same then it’s for sure a plumbing leak. At least you will be knowing the condition of your pipes

Change the Toilet Seats:

For house cleaning, it’s better to change your current toilet seats as you will be relaxed about what happened in it before you got the keys. Consider choosing a detachable toilet seat. It’s really frustrating to scrub your toilet seat hinges during house cleaning, and feel like they are never clean. With detachable seat you can just take it off and clean it from every corner to get it sparkling.

Check Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Don’t sleep unless you check these safety bodyguards in your house during house cleaning. Before moving in your new house take few batteries and check every smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. If you are not having a carbon monoxide detector then get it from your nearest store. When you set it first, set it to outdoors in order to get fresh air reading.

Clean your Cabinets and Closets:

Before unloading your clothes you must give a thorough wipe to the closets during house cleaning. Initially, it will take you few minutes but it becomes more difficult when you have to unload everything from the each shelf.

Tackle Major Maintenance Tasks:

During house cleaning, vacuum the coils beneath the fridge to remove the dust and hair from the coils. It makes difficult for them to release the heat. Check the filters and replace them.

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