House Cleaning Bothell: Different Ways to Clean Your Painted Walls

House cleaning your walls on regular basis will help you to spend less time in scrubbing and repairing the next time when you paint your walls. No matter what kind of paint you have used on your walls either it is oil based or it’s water based the only way to extend and restore the service life of your paint is to clean the painted walls during the house cleaning process. How do we do that?
Follow few steps by House Cleaning Bothell to clean the paint of your walls during the house cleaning process.
1. Dust your Walls:
You might not see the dust during the house cleaning process it’s there. Sometimes the only way to restore the paint in its original position on your walls and the ceilings is to vacuum or wipe it. Use electrostatic dusting wipes or a soft brush to remove the dust, cobwebs. As the dirt mixed with the water or other cleaning solutions will leave the marks on your walls the house cleaning process requires much harder job when you intend to wash them.
2. Clean Fingertips:
During the house cleaning process, if you want to clean the fingertips it’s not going to be easy. In order to remove the fingertips from your walls you need to use a mild detergent solution and a non abrasive pad. Fingertips that don’t come off easily you need to create a solution by mixing 1 gallon of water and put quarter of baking soda and one cup of vinegar.
3. Eliminate the Grease and Stains:
The grease and oil stains are very difficult to remove but it’s not impossible during the house cleaning process. The key to remove these stains is to find a product or a cleaner that can easily cut through these tough stains.
4. Get Rid of Mold
Mold is a very common issue and it can cause serious health concerns as well. Luckily you can get rid of the moulds and prevent infestations when you clean your painted walls during the house cleaning process. All you need to do is mix 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of borax with 1 gallon of water and then apply it to the affected areas and check it for a couple of days to see if the mould returns of not. If it does come back again then you need to use this method at the 1:3 ratio. For more details on how to get rid molds and mildrew from walls, visit here.
5. Remove the Water Stains and the Stream Marks
To remove the water stains and the stream marks you need to combine one gallon of water, 1 teaspoon of ammonia and a quarter cup of vinegar as well as a quarter cup of borax solution. Before using this solution you must use this at an inconspicuous area to avoid any damages later on. If the solution is fine then you can apply it on the affected areas.
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