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The carpets in our house don’t stay clean due to high traffic areas like hallways. That is why you need to clean them on regular basis. This will make them look new as well as it will reduce the toxins and bacteria that can make your family sick. Commercial cleaners are very harmful that can make your family more sick. So, House Cleaning Bothell has got DIY tips for you to prepare your own house cleaning carpet cleaner.
DIY synthetic carpet cleaner:
Synthetic carpets are very strong and durable. The maintenance of these carpets is pretty simple.

For house cleaning, take a large bucket and add ½ gallon of vinegar and ½ water.
Mix both of them properly.
Then add the solution on the carpet cleaning machine by following the manufacturer’s instructions that are written at the back of your carpet.
Make sure that you don’t wet your carpet too much as it will ruin the backing and it will shrink.

DIY for light colored carpets:
When house cleaning, prepare this solution you need to use hydrogen peroxide as the base ingredient with some water. As it gives some extra power to remove the tough stains along with the whitening powder. This solution should not be used on the dark colored carpets as it will leave white spot on your carpet.

Mix hydrogen peroxide, soap and oils in the bowl.
Stir it to mix it properly.
Pour the solution in the carpet cleaning machine along with the water.
Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions.

DIY carpet cleaning spray:
During house cleaning,

Mix water and vinegar in the spray bottle.
Add oil and salt as well.
After that put the cap on the bottle and shake it well and spray the solution on the carpet.
Keep on shaking the bottle to mix the liquid.
Let the carpets get dry and then vacuum it to clear the residue.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution:

2 tsp of ammonia
1 tsp liquid dish soap
2 cups of rubbing alcohol
Essential oil

The good thing about this recipe is that you are not supposed to use harmful chemical products to clean your carpet and these DIY can be made at home by using few ingredients. To know more about how does vinegar work for cleaning, click here.
For house cleaning, take an empty juice container and mix all of these items together to create a solution. Fill the rest of the container with water. Add this solution in your carpet washing machine. This is not concentrated so you are not supposed to add additional water. This not only cleans your carpets but it can be also used to mop your floors and clean your toilets as well.
➽By following these few DIY house cleaning tips for your carpets you can save a lot of money. If you are busy and you don’t have enough time for house cleaning and house organization House cleaning Bothell has got professionals who are just a call way.
Contact your local House Cleaning Bothell office to get more details and to book an appointment.

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