DIY inspection Detect remove and prevent molds from your home

When it comes to mold most of the time we don’t even realize and the mold is growing in our homes and we only get to know when it is too late and it has spread all out. Mold is really dangerous for our health this is the major cause of breathing problems. No homeowner wants a mold buildup in there house, but it is usually due to moisture in the house and we don’t even realize until the DIY inspection has been done. Like this you can detect the mold and control it timely. House Cleaning Bothell has some tips on how to inspect and prevent mold from growing in your house during the house cleaning process.   
1. Identify mold
When house cleaning, mold can grow anywhere in the house, it doesn’t have to be a specific place. Still the most areas to find the growth of mold in below the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, basement, attic, around windows, pipes or somewhere there is water leakage. During house cleaning, you should know that the most common place where you will find mold growth is in damp and dark places. Be sure to check all such places around the house. The mold is usually a black spot or green fungus. 
2.Treat mold
When house cleaning and you have found the traces of mold around the house then be sure to treat it before it grows and gets out of hand. During house cleaning it is not difficult to clean the mold but you should take extra precaution when cleaning the mold. You should wear a mask or wrap a cloth around your mouth and nose. Also wear gloves, don’t touch it with bare hands. You should use a brush with hard or soft bristles depending on the surface that you are about to clean. After scrubbing the area spray the whole area with disinfecting spray and let it dry. Repeat the process once more. Then make sure that you inspect the whole area once again and make sure there is no spot left.
3.Prevent mold
When house cleaning the mold, it is not necessary that you stop right at it after cleaning and not look back it is a must that you keep on checking that the mold doesn’t grow back again. Then opt for putting up more amount of ventilation around the house cross ventilation is also a major cause of reducing the mold buildup. In damp places such as bathrooms, basements and attics add exhaust fans, to control the moisture as the major cause of mold buildup is due to that. Also invest in some good anti-mold sprays, you can spray the area once or twice a week and this too will prevent mold buildup in your house. 
For more mold tips you can call your local House Cleaning Bothell experts and they are going to provide you more mold prevention tips. Call your House Cleaning Bothell to book an appointment now.