Your friendly guide to organizing your countertops

If your countertop is organized your kitchen looks organized and clean. If you clean up your kitchen on an everyday basis but don’t keep your countertops organized it will look like you haven’t cleaned your kitchen from ages. It is not a lot of work to do as there are not many things that are kept on the countertops. Kitchen is the first thing people look at when they walk to your house, so if you want to leave a lasting impression, make sure that you keep your countertops organized. It could be a great way to easily find the things you require on the countertops and also keeps your stress levels under control too. House Cleaning Kirkland have a few tips on how you can keep your kitchen counter organized during the house cleaning.
1.Dish rack
When house cleaning, you must own a dish rack, even though you use a dishwasher, there is no harm in owning one of these. For the times when we wash the dishes by hand, we will have nowhere to place these dishes, so you should own one of these. Sometimes you can place some basic dishes, plates or cups that are easy to reach for your kids too. During house cleaning if you like to add color to your kitchen then you can add it by placing a bright colored dish rack.
2.Clear kitchen canisters
When house cleaning, you should place canisters filled with the ingredients that you use the most around the kitchen, so that you don’t have to go looking for them all around the kitchen and then find out that you are out of it. These can be clear so that you don’t have to do the guessing every time. Another great option is that you label your canisters this will not only give a clean look but will also make it easy for you when reaching for certain ingredients. 
3. Fruit baskets
When house cleaning, you can add a fruit basket to your kitchen too. This could be tiered basket it will save you a lot of space around the kitchen. Placing all the fruits in one basket doesn’t really gives it a great look also ruins the fruits as they go one over the other. A better option is that you invest in one of these, they keep all the fruits separated, and lets the air pass through which keeps the fruits fresh for a longer time period. 
4. Kitchen utensil organizer
When house cleaning, the most basic but necessary thing that you should place while organizing your kitchen utensil organizer, this keeps your drawers less messy and also makes it easy for you to reach out for the spoons or utensils that you are looking for. If you want to keep two separate utensil organizers one for the cooking utensils and other for the daily use utensils. 
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