Deep Cleaning of the kitchen- An Easy task?

Deep Cleaning of the kitchen- An Easy task?

It is very common to find that most of us are not really a fan of cleaning up, it is one of the most difficult and time taking tasks and when it comes to deep cleaning that too of the kitchen is found really difficult for most of us and we keep on ignoring it until it turns into a huge mess.

House Cleaning Lake City has some tips on deep cleaning of the kitchen by turning it into an easy task.

Before you start deep cleaning your kitchen

Before you start the deep cleaning of your kitchen make sure that you have all the things you require or need for the cleaning, such as; cleaners, brush, microfiber cloth, rubber gloves etc. If any dishes are lying around the kitchen clean those up, so that you have a clutter free kitchen to work with.

Deep cleaning kitchen cupboards and surfaces

When house cleaning, the cupboards and surfaces should be the first that you should clean up as these are covered in grease the most.

Clean the insides

You should take out all the things from the cupboard one at a time and clean it from the inside as the dust settles inside over time. Once cleaned you can line them up with clean paper before placing the things back inside.

Scrubbing the outside

When house cleaning, you would see that the outside of the cupboard are covered with grease and dirt, so it is important that we clean the outside too. During house cleaning, you can make a mixture of warm water and dish soap, wipe the cupboard using a sponge to clean the grease and then dry using a clean microfiber cloth.

Shine up the handles

When house cleaning, after cleaning up the inside and outside of the cupboard, you should clean the handles of the cupboard too. During house cleaning if you are able to remove them, then soak them in warm water before wiping them clean, otherwise use the warm soapy water mixture to clean the handles. For the wooden handles you may need to polish them.

Deep cleaning kitchen appliances

When house cleaning, the appliances need cleaning too. So clean all the appliances around the kitchen too.

Sort the fridge and freezer

When house cleaning, unplug the freezer remove all the things from the freezer and fridge, sort things out which needs to be kept and which not and then give it a proper cleaning. Once cleaned then place all the things back.

Scrub the oven

Scrub the oven from the inside and the outside as this is left uncleaned many times, even when we have used it.

Finishing touches to kitchen cleaning

Scrub the sink

Once all the kitchen has been cleaned then scrub and clean the sink as all the grease from the surfaces and all the dirt is dumped in the sink, so it too requires deep cleaning.

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