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If you are looking for easy ways to clean the window blinds. Then forget about the special house cleaning tools and use the cheap methods instead. You can buy lambswool duster that has to be cleaned after use. This cleaning hack uses the items that are already in your kitchen cabinet like vinegar and sock.
Follow these few tips recommended by House Cleaning Lake City for house cleaning.
When you need to Clean Window Blinds:

You can use white vinegar but it will leave behind pigments behind during the house cleaning.
Old sock or glove: If you have got athletic socks that are made up of polyester, those are already the microfiber are recommended for house cleaning. But used cotton socks can work as well.

How can you clean your window blind?
For house cleaning, you need to pour vinegar in the bowl or you can dilute it with water. Both of the solutions can work for you.

Wear the sock in your hands and then put the tip of your finger into the vinegar and squeeze the rest of it.
Run your fingers through the both sides of the salt to remove the dust.
If you have got mini blinds then you can wear gloves and check if you can clean more than one slat at a time with each finger. The space may not work each time but if it does work then you can save much of your time.
Repeat this process with each slat, stop periodically to remove the dust off the sock and apply more vinegar. It’s okay to run the gloves under the water, you can’t dilute the vinegar when you dip it in the bowl.

If you think that your hands with itch or cause irritation then you can wear gloves on your hands and put the sock on gloves.
Benefits of cleaning windows with Vinegar:
When house cleaning, the dust sticks on the socks rather than being released in the air. There are some plastic blinds that degrade and produce chemicals that you don’t want in your house.

Vinegar is cheap
Vinegar is safe to use for most of the surfaces which includes wood, plastic and metal.

Tips and warnings:

Don’t over saturate wood blinds, getting it damp is okay but don’t wet them.
You must go through the manufacturer’s manual to check if there are special instructions to clean the blinds.
Keep the vinegar safe from kitchen
When you are using the cleaner during the house cleaning process make sure that you take the necessary precautions like wearing the eye goggles and skin care products to avoid any causality.

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