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Black Friday Shopping: How to Get the Best Deals

black friday

The biggest shopping day of the year has come and gone, so now it’s time to pay off your credit cards and stop bragging about that three-foot TV you bought on the cheap. If you’re like us, though, you can’t help but look back at the deals you could have gotten even more excited about […]

Is It Safe to Get My House Professionally Cleaned During COVID-19?

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to use professional cleaning services for your home to disinfect surfaces and stop germs. Cleaning companies such as Four Seasons Cleaning follow cleaning person safety rules to keep customers and employees safe. Most cleaning services are open now in the Seattle area, so if you need your house cleaned, […]

Why is Fogging CDC-Recommended for COVID-19 Disinfection?

Throughout the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided updates and insights into best safety practices. Their website is a reputable resource for tips for everything from protecting children to advice on how to wash clothing after coming in contact with a person who has contracted the […]