5 uses of dish soap that don’t involve washing dishes

We all know that dish soap is used to clean the dishes, whether house cleaning the dishes with a sponge or pouring it in the dishwasher. But surprisingly there are many other interesting ways that dish soap can be used in house cleaning as well. A dish soap is a multi-use product that can be helpful in disinfecting as well and since it is food grade material keeping in mind that it is used for house cleaning the dishes, it can be used around kids and pets too. Just like dish soap leaves our dishes odor and grease free it has properties to cut grease and oils as well. House cleaning Lake Forest Park has gathered a few interesting ways that you can use dish soap when it comes to cleaning.
1. Stain cleaner
When it comes to house cleaning the stains dish soap is one of the most trustable products it can clean the ketchup stains to red wine stains. Whatever type of stain it is it can be cleaned with the help of dish wash all you need to do is in a bowl make a mixture of one part dish soap and two parts hydro peroxide then apply this mixture on the area where you can see the stain on the cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes and just see the stain from fading. Once the stain has faded then wash as normal. 
2. Cabinet countertop cleaner   
As dish soap is used to cut out grease and dirt so it is an ideal product to use when it comes to house cleaning countertops all you need to do is in a bowl, make a mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Then dip the micro fiber cloth in this mixture and slowly in a circular motion scrub the cabinets and countertops, you will have to repeat this process once or twice. Once the cabinets have been cleaned then use a clean dampened cloth to wipe clean the cabinets. After that let the counters and the cabinet’s air dry.
3. Bathtub and shower wall cleaner
During house cleaning when it comes to removing the soap scum from the bathtub or the shower walls dish soap is considered best as it can cut down the soap scum. All you need to do is in a microwave safe bowl add in about a tbsp. of vinegar and about 2 tbsp. of corn flour mix it well and heat it for about a second then in a spray bottle add in few pumps of dish soap on top of that pour the heated mixture and shake it well. Spray the bathtub and the shower walls with this mixture and let it sit for about 15 minutes, wash it off with water and use a dry cloth to dry the bathtub and the shower wall. You will have a scum free surface in no time. 
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