5 Housekeeping New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

housekeeping new year's resolutions

Welcome to the new year! As you are planning your resolutions, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, with these five house-cleaning new year’s resolutions, you can create a plan for the year ahead that you can actually stick to. Read on to learn more about how to make and keep housekeeping new year’s resolutions that will help you keep your home clean and organized.

Get Rid of Clutter

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the clutter that has accumulated over time, but it’s important to break it down and tackle it bit by bit. Start by creating a plan for the items you want to keep, donate, or throw away. Make sure to be honest with yourself and decide which items you need and which are just taking up space. Clear out the clutter from one room at a time, and once that’s done move on to the next room. For help on deciding which items to get rid of, check out this fun YouTube video of 53 things you won’t miss and can declutter today.

Once you’ve decluttered your house, create a system that works best for you and your family. Assign specific items or areas to each family member and have them responsible for keeping it tidy. In addition, set aside specific times during the week when everyone can help with cleaning and tidying.

Finally, get creative with storage solutions that can double as décor. Consider using labels or baskets to store items to help keep things organized. This will make it easier to stay on top of the clutter and reduce the need for additional storage space.

Fill Dishwasher Consistently

When it comes to house cleaning resolutions, one tip that is easy to follow through on is to fill the dishwasher consistently. Not only will this help you stay on top of your dirty dishes, but it can also save you time in the long run. By filling your dishwasher every night, you’ll never be caught off guard by an unexpected amount of dirty dishes. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure that all of your dishes are cleaned quickly and efficiently.

To make this resolution easier to stick to, try setting aside a certain time each day when you dedicate yourself to filling the dishwasher. This could be right before you go to bed or even while you’re preparing dinner. Having a designated time makes it much easier to keep up with this resolution as opposed to waiting until the last minute.

Having an organized dishwasher can also make it easier for you to maintain your housekeeping new year’s resolutions. Try separating dishes into their own compartments so that all of the items are easily accessible. Check out this YouTube video describing how to correctly load your dishwasher. Loading each dish correctly will save you time when unloading the dishwasher and ensure that you’re able to keep up with your cleaning goals.

Do Laundry Regularly

Doing laundry regularly can be one of the most beneficial housekeeping new year’s resolutions you make and stick to. Regularly laundering your clothes, linens, and towels is not only important for cleanliness but also extends their life. Start by creating a schedule that will work for you. This could be doing a load once a week or every other day, depending on your household size and lifestyle.

Place a designated laundry basket in each room of your home so it’s easy to keep track of what needs to be washed. Keep up with your laundry schedule by setting reminders in your phone or calendar, or enlist a family member to help you stay on top of it.

Enjoy Your Home

While it’s important to stay on top of your house cleaning resolutions, you should also make an effort to enjoy your home. Take some time to make your home a place you love to be in by incorporating activities like painting, gardening, reading, or taking up a new hobby that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Spending time enjoying your home will keep you motivated to stick to your housekeeping New Year’s resolutions and give you a place you look forward to coming back to every day.

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