4 Practical Mason jar uses for your kitchen

Glass jars are a versatile bottle that can be used in many ways, today there is already a tendency to use glass jars in almost everything, its shape is unique and not only is it elegant, either to conserve things or It is used for some other purpose. House Cleaning Bothell have some ideas for you that you can use to put your glass jar into use in a unique way during house cleaning.
1. To preserve the sauce
During the house cleaning process If you have prepared a little sauce, you can use a glass jar as a storage source or, if you have bought a sauce in a bag and the bag is no longer usable, you can also store that sauce in the glass jar. Since a glass jar has a wide mouth, pouring the sauce in will be easy and you can also pour it out easily when you want to use it. Just put the lid and you can even store the glass jar in the refrigerator.
2. To preserve the pasta
During the house cleaning process we all know that we have less storage space and we have to think outside the box to solve our storage problems. You can always store your pasta in the Mason jar, as it will be useful to keep the pasta dry and it could be enough for one person, keeping it below the budget. The same can be done in homes, you can also classify different types of glass jars for different types of pasta and easily store them in one place instead of storing them in large bags that take up a lot of space.
3. To turn it into a drinking jug
During the house cleaning process your glass jar can become a fresh bottle, all you have to do is hit the lid according to the size of the straw and screw the lid back on and you will have a cup of modern beverage. It will be safe, because even if you touch the Mason jar, you will not pour water or juice out. The other way you could use is simply pour the juice or water into the Mason bottle and put the straw and it will have a fashionable bottle for you.
4. To store muffin covers
When house cleaning process we all love cooking, but keeping up with cooking needs is a very difficult job. We must always find different ways of preserving: the essential elements to cook not only trays, but also the liners, especially when it comes to muffins, if we keep them in this way, they expand and we don’t get the same result as we always want. Therefore, a smart way to store muffin liners is to put them in a glass jar, it will be easy and even the shape of the liners will remain the same as in the shop you purchased during house cleaning. 
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