3 methods of cleaning handprint from the wall

No matter how careful we are with the walls at our homes, but at some point we do find greasy or dirty or oily hand prints on the walls of our homes. most of the time we don’t have any idea how it got there, but still we do find them there, and since these aren’t that common in cleaning we don’t even know how to get rid of these stains. At this point House Cleaning Bothell have a few tips that will help you get these stains cleaned from the walls during the house cleaning process.
1. Chalk
During the house cleaning process calk can come in handy when it comes to cleaning the marks of the wall. For this process you need white chalk and a microfiber cloth. Begin by breaking the sharp tip of the chalk and then rub chalk over the stain marks. Once all the stain marks have been covered then let the chalk sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that use a microfiber cloth to clean the chalk and you will have a clean looking wall in no time when house cleaning. 
2. Vinegar
During the house cleaning process just like vinegar works fine in other cleaning purposes it even works well when it comes to cleaning the marks on the wall. Vinegar is one such substance that is easily available and isn’t even harmful to you pets or children. For this method all you need to do is dip a microfiber cloth or any clean cleaning cloth in vinegar and then scrub the wall in  a circular motion. After a few scrubbing you will see the mark starts to get dim and eventually it will disappear. Then you can use clean water to wipe the wall clean.
3. Dish soap
During the house cleaning marks with a dish soap is the easiest one not only this it even gives us results at the most. This method can be very helpful as if we don’t have enough on our hand when cleaning at least we  can make a mixture of soapy water to clean it. for this method take a bucket of water add in soap to it and make a mixture. Then dip in a microfiber cloth in this mixture and rub it across the wall where you find the marks. In no time you will see that marks have been reduced and you will have a clean looking wall when house cleaning. 
Most of the times we are not having just enough time to clean off the hand prints from our walls due to extra work or job routine which doesn’t give us enough leisure to do some house cleaning and for that you can call your local House Cleaning Bothell experts who can help you with cleaning the walls. Call House Cleaning Bothell now for more house cleaning tips and details.

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