15 Minutes ‘Fake’ House Cleaning

Did you just received a call from your friend or a relatives that they are almost 15 minutes away from your house and might drop by. After hearing this you might get the panic attacks because you have not done any house cleaning and your house looks like a complete mess, don’t worry.
Follow few tips by house cleaning kirkland that can help you to fake clean your house in just 15 minutes during the house cleaning.


During the house cleaning make sure that you clean your countertops because that is the only place where all of your clutter and grocery items are present. Grab all of the clutter like spoons, knives and throw it in the drawers of your kitchen. After that if there are grocery items put them in your basket and hide it in the cabinet. Move on to the kitchen sink now. When house cleaning make sure that you put all of the dirty dishes in your dishwasher to give a neat look to your kitchen. This will give an impression to your guests that you have been busy doing the dishes.

Living room:

During the house cleaning, make sure that you arrange all of the items in your living room in the order like magazines, books or remotes on the coffee table properly or you can even put them on the bookshelf.  Also make sure that you clean your coffee table with a damp cloth.
Make sure that you arrange all of your cushion covers in proper manner and remove all of the dust and debris that has been stuck on them by shaking them when house cleaning. Also, light up some fragrance candles in your living room where your guests are going to be seated when they visit your house.


Grab a basket and run towards your bedroom and add all of the items that are fallen on your floor. Pick them up one by one and throw them into the basket. Arrange the bedsheet of your bedroom and hide the basket containing unnecessary stuff in your cupboard.


During the house cleaning process, make sure that your guests might want to use your bathroom and it will be very uncomfortable if they witness that your bathroom stinks and there is bad odor in it. So, clean your toilet bowl by adding 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar solution and let it sit for few minutes until then you clean your mirror by using old newspaper and bottle spray to make it shine. Flush the toilet before you leave to remove the stains.
Also, during the house cleaning process make sure that you add fresh new rugs or mats at the welcome door of your bathroom or you can even shake your old rugs to remove the debris and put them again.


When house cleaning, shake your entryway mats to remove the debris and dust as well. Mop the entire area before guests arrive.
For house organization call your local house cleaning Kirkland experts.

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