The daily cleaning checklist you need – House Cleaning Kirkland

The weekly cleaning schedule should not stop you from enjoying almost all of the activities with your children or even at home, the people and the pets in it. For this you should not allow the gunk and dust particles to win. In order to keep the stuff clean you need to maintain your house cleaning chores into an easy to remember routine and if you are unable to remember then simply your should get it printed and paste it on a wall as which tasks you want to complete every single day from the start of the week till end.
For a weekly cleaning schedule that’s quick and easy, visit here.
House Cleaning Kirkland recommends that you should simply make a cleaning rundown and afterward mark the assignments on your cleaning agenda. 


When house cleaning, the first thing which you should kick your day off is by cleaning your kitchen and ensure that you gather all of the items which includes dishes and start putting them in the dishwasher one by one. Once this stage is completed you can wash your sink with water and soap solution to remove the food particles and stains properly. In this house cleaning process you can take this opportunity to clean the stove and  the countertops of your kitchen. Try to wipe all of the particles from the stove by using a surface cleaner. Once you remove all of the particles, dust on the ground you can simply use a mop to get rid of them. 


During the house cleaning process you need to start cleaning your restroom with sink. All you need to do is clear all of the excess items and put them in the drawer and after that use a cloth to wipe the dirt areas. Once you are done with sink then move on to the mirror as you need to sprinkle some water on it and use a microfiber cloth to remove all of the dust particles that are stuck on the mirror or you can even use a newspaper. During house cleaning  after that move to the latrine, clean the can situate and you can utilize a brush to clean the cup and afterward leave a self-cleaning bar in the bowl that will keep your can clean throughout the day. 


During the house cleaning the washroom, it’s a great opportunity to tidy up the room, the main activity is fix the bed, clean all the grimy sheets and adjust the cushions as they should be. If you hang garments, overlap them and spot them in their separate spots. If you have any excess items around then you need to put them at their original positions. If you are having a night glass water you need to fill it up and put it back where it belongs. Lastly you need to grab all of the books, magazines and put it either in the book shelf or in the drawer during the house cleaning of your room.
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