Simple Cleaning Tips for People with Allergies

Someone in your home suffers yearly-round or seasonally from either allergies or asthma. House cleaning lake city has got different tips for you to remove the misery of allergens during the house cleaning process. Allergen is a substance that causes allergy. Most of the common allergens are dust mites, pollen or insect droppings.
Daily house cleaning of your house is an essential task for the allergy management. Even if you do the cleaning after some time it will trigger the symptoms as dust and other allergens are stirred up. If you neglect the house cleaning for several weeks then you should wear a mask. Use proper house cleaning tools in order to trap the allergens and prevent the exposure to chemicals that might cause allergy.
Best Cleaning Tools for Allergic Reaction:
– Vacuum:
During the house cleaning process you need to use the vacuum cleaner. If you are not having a fine-particle hepa filter vacuum cleaner then you can use a double bag to trap the dirt particles. If you have got a bagless vacuum then you should regularly clean it and wash the collection cup.  
– Fabric Allergen Sanitizer Vacuum:
These vacuum are actually use ultraviolet light to kill the dust mites and the bacteria and after that the dual filtration system helps to eliminate 99% of the offenders from the fabric surface.
– Washable microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Mops:
When house cleaning you must use the microfiber cloth as it attracts the dust much better than the cotton cloth. Try to choose the tools with removable heads that can be tossed easily in the washer for a thorough cleaning. Dampen the microfiber cloth before starting the cleaning process.
– Disposable Dust Wipes:
The synthetic dusting wipes and wands attract the dust and grime as well as it creates static cling which holds the dust until it is disposed in the trash.
– Protective masks and gloves:
When house cleaning you should opt for disposable masks and avoid the latex gloves for cotton lined gloves to prevent skin irritation.
Best Cleaning Products For Allergen Reduction:
Unluckily, most of the cleaning products can be irritating and it can cause the same symptoms like an allergen. So, try to choose the products that contain fewest chemicals.
– Ammonia
– D-Limonene
– Formaldehyde
– Sodium Hypochlorite
– Sodium lauryl sulfate
The listed chemicals above are identified as irritation. So before you starting using these chemicals just check the labels before you use a cleaning or laundry product.
Reduce Allergens in the entire house:
1. You need to control the indoor temperature and humidity. The dust mites and mold spores like heat. Maintain the temperature between 20 degree and the humidity level up to 50% to reduce the growth.
2. Don’t smoke within your house.
3. Remove the clutter from the dust catchers from your living room
4. Try to keep your pets outside your home as much as possible and if you have got indoor pets them bathe them on a weekly basis.
For more precautionary tips you can call your local house cleaning Lake city experts.