How to remove candle wax from the tablecloth?

There is no doubt that candles add a lot to a centerpiece, but sometimes they drip wax and spoil the tablecloth. Although the first thing you might think about is throwing the tablecloth away, removing the wax isn’t as difficult as it seems. House Cleaning Lake City has some steps to follow to remove the candle wax from the tablecloth.
Step 1: Freeze the dripped wax.
During house cleaning, the easiest way to do this is to fold the tablecloth with wax on the outer top layer and place all the fabric in the freezer. Or, you can fill a bag of ice and place the ice pack on top of the wax while the cloth is still on the table.
Step 2: Use a blunt knife
When house cleaning, use a butter knife, or nail to gently scrape off frozen wax from the tablecloth. During house cleaning, if the tablecloth is in lace, be very careful not to tear the lace material while scraping the wax.
Step 3: Remove the wax with heat.
When house cleaning, place paper towels or pieces of brown paper bag on both sides of the stained area. If you use a paper bag, be sure to choose one that has nothing written on it. Set the iron on hot or medium and iron on the paper. Do not use steam when ironing. The heat of the iron will melt the remaining wax from the tablecloth and penetrate the paper. During house cleaning, if necessary, repeat the ironing process with new paper towels or brown paper bags. Keep changing the paper and repeat ironing until all the wax is removed. Wash the tablecloth as usual once all the wax is gone. 
Step 4: Allow the Wax to Dry Completely
During the house cleaning process you need to leave the item in the fridge for at least 1 hour in order to cool the wax. Like this it will make things a lot more easy for you to remove the wax completely and ensure that it does not spread furthermore. 
Step 5: Chip off the Wax
You can also remove the candle wax by using your credit card or your debit card or you can even a sharp plastic edged tool, it will make sure that the candle wax should flake and chip away as you move in the direction. Just make sure that you avoid using a metal tool like a sharp knife or any other object that might damage the item. 
Step 6: Launder or clean the item
Once you get rid of the wax you are required to remove the residue of the wax. You need to treat the fabric with a spot remover and then launder just like normal. Once you are done with it you need to put an all purpose cleaner on the hard surfaces and then scrub the entire area with a small clean toothbrush.
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