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Laminate countertops have been around for a very long time, these are the most inexpensive material that are used to cover your countertops and can last you for a very long time. many people even now days go for the laminated countertops as they are not that expensive and give a very classic result to your kitchen, this material is easy to clean and don’t require that much of maintenance either. House Cleaning Bothell have a few tips that could make and keep your laminate countertops clean and shining for a very long time during house cleaning.
What is laminated? 
House cleaning says that laminate is a material that is composed of many layers of paper stacked together. Some of these paper layers are made of the same material as your grocery bag is made of. These layers have this strong bond because they are glued and pressed together and then cooked/baked. When these are baked together they make a very strong bond and then can be seen as one single layer of laminated sheet. 
How to clean Laminated tops? 
House cleaning suggests that with the everyday housekeeping task, the frequency of cleaning and with the constant wiping of the countertops can keep your laminated tops clean and last you for a long time. 
To keep the laminated countertops clean, house cleaning suggests that all you need is dish liquid to keep the countertops clean. For this method the house cleaning suggests that you take a bowl and make a mixture with warm water and liquid dish soap and then dip in your microfiber cloth. Use the dipped microfiber cloth in the mixture to wipe the counter tops. Once all the countertops are wiped then use a clean cloth to clean the counters. Once all the counters are cleaned then let the counters air dry. 
If you find stains on the counter tops, for that purpose house cleaning suggests that you make a mixture with baking soda and water, use a tbsp. of baking soda and few tbsp. of water to make it into a paste form. Apply this paste over the stains and let it sit for about five minutes. Then use a clean dampened microfiber cloth to wipe clean the countertop. If this doesn’t get the stains out then house cleaning suggest that you see the guidance manual that will let you know what product should you use to get the stains out easily.   
If you have laminate countertops in your house then there are high chances that they might be dirty all of the time as it is being used by your almost throughout the day. If you are a busy parent and you have got kids which you need to handle and manage the house as well and for that you somehow miss cleaning the countertops on the regular basis then there is no need to worry as you can get help from the local House Cleaning Bothell experts for house cleaning. Call House Cleaning Bothell now. 

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