How to clean baby toys?

Children love to play with toys, but only think about what they do with them. They throw them on the ground, drool them, spit them out and, after all this, and put them in their mouths. These toys can harbor germs, which could make your baby sick. This is especially true if another family member has recently been ill and tampered with the toy. Regular cleaning of children’s toys is essential to ensure that bacteria cannot take root. House Cleaning Kenmore has some tips on cleaning of the toys. 
How to clean children’s toys
Different toys will present different challenges in cleaning and disinfecting them.
1. Stuffed animals
When house cleaning, fabric toys can get dirty quickly. Check the label on the toy to help you decide the best way to clean them. If they are machine washable, be sure to use a mild baby cleanser. You can add a cup of vinegar to help fight bacteria. For toys that cannot be washed, wash them by hand with mild soap and then dry them in the sun.
2. Bath toys
During house cleaning, bath time is fun for the baby, but they inevitably pee in the bath water. This is a perfect breeding ground for bad microbes and molds. These toys must be washed and dried every time they are used. When house cleaning, wash them after each bath and hang them to dry in an open basket that allows the water to drain.    
3. Plastic toys
When house cleaning, plastic toys are every child’s favorite. They are available in many shapes and sizes, from a simple rattle to a battery-powered toy with lights and sounds. Some simple plastic toys are dishwasher safe, which is a good way to clean them. If not, clean them daily with a little hot water and dishwashing liquid. If it is a toy with a battery compartment, remove it before cleaning it. Use an old, dry toothbrush to clean the battery compartment.
4. Silicone and rubber toys
When house cleaning, these toys are light and flexible for the child to play. They can be easily manipulated, but they also collect a good amount of germs. These materials cannot be boiled, as heat changes their consistency.  They should be cleaned with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water, left for a few minutes, then rinsed and dried in the air. During house cleaning, they can also be cleaned by soaking them in warm, soapy water with a little baby shampoo. After about 30 minutes, rinse them in clean water and put them on their rack to dry them.   
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